• Bronze

    0.5% daily

    Minimum: $50

    Max: $100

    Days: 30

    Daily accrual

    To invest
  • Silver

    0.8% daily

    Minimum: $101

    Max: $1000

    Days: 30

    Daily accrual

    To invest
  • Gold

    1.2% daily

    Minimum: $1001

    Max: $10 000

    Days: 25

    Daily accrual

    To invest
  • Platinum

    1.8% daily

    Minimum: $10 001

    Max: $500 000

    Days: 20

    Daily accrual

    To invest


In order to make the financial markets more accessible for private investors, our company decided to provide services in the field of online trading.Today, as we celebrate over 10 years of high standards in financial trading, we intend to succeed in the brokerage industry and occupy leading positions on the market. Thanks to modern technology and innovative tools, investors can appreciate the speed of your trades and discover new trade opportunities without any special knowledge in this field.Your money will operirovat our brokers who have only one goal: to make money for you and for us! Because the profit of the broker depends on the line of the profit of the investor.

Billstrade associates its success with the people who work in our company. We strictly follow a tiered selection of partners for joint cooperation. All of our staff is highly qualified with experience in the financial industry from 8 years and with the successful track record.


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